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Parking Information For Rochester (ROC) Airport

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Rochester ROC Airport Parking Rates:

Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) is a gateway for many travelers heading to and from upstate New York. While it may not be as bustling as JFK or LaGuardia, ROC offers a range of services to meet the needs of its passengers, including several parking options. In this guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of parking at ROC and how can simplify your parking experience.

The Rochester airport serves as a crucial hub for business and leisure travelers in the region, providing flights to major metropolitan areas and connections to international destinations. With airlines like American, Delta, United, and Southwest, travelers have a decent selection of flights to choose from.

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Parking Options at Rochester Airport
ROC offers various parking solutions designed to cater to different durations and budgets:
Short-Term Parking
Located directly in front of the terminal building, short-term parking at ROC is ideal for those picking up or dropping off passengers. It offers the convenience of proximity to the airport but comes at a higher cost than long-term options.
Cost: The cost for short-term parking typically starts with a free grace period, followed by incremental charges that cap at a daily maximum rate.
Long-Term Parking
For travelers going on extended trips, long-term parking is available. These lots are situated slightly further away from the terminal but still within walking distance or a short shuttle ride.
Cost: More economical than short-term lots, long-term parking has a lower daily rate, making it suitable for trips that span several days.
Economy Parking
The economy option is the most budget-friendly and is recommended for travelers who don't mind a longer walk or waiting for the shuttle bus.
Cost: Economy parking offers the lowest daily and weekly rates, providing significant savings over other on-site options.
Disabled Parking
Available in both short-term and long-term lots, designated spaces for disabled parking allow for more convenient access to the airport terminal. These spots require a valid disabled permit and are available at a reduced rate.
Cell Phone Lot
ROC provides a cell phone lot for drivers waiting to pick up arriving passengers. This lot is free of charge but vehicles must be attended at all times.

Rochester International Airport (ROC) offers a variety of parking options to fit different needs and budgets. The rates for these parking services are structured to accommodate short-term, long-term, and economy parking choices for travelers. Here's a breakdown of the parking fees at ROC:
Short-Term Parking Rates
Location: Short-term parking is typically located closest to the airport terminal for easy access.
Rate Structure:
o First 30 minutes: Often free, which is convenient for quick drop-offs or pick-ups.
o 31 minutes to 1 hour: The cost begins to accrue after the first 30 minutes, with fees incrementally increasing with each additional half-hour.
o Daily Maximum: There's a maximum daily rate that caps the expense for a full 24-hour period. This rate can be around $24, but it's always best to check the latest rates on the airport's official website or by contacting the airport directly.
Long-Term Parking Rates
Location: Long-term parking is a little farther from the terminal but may offer a balance between cost and convenience.
Rate Structure:
o Hourly Rates: Similar to short-term parking, there is an hourly rate for long-term parking that typically starts after the free 30-minute window.
o Daily Maximum: The daily maximum rate for long-term parking is lower than for short-term parking, often between $12 to $16 per day.
o Weekly Rates: For travelers parking longer than a few days, weekly rates offer additional savings.
Economy Parking Rates
Location: The economy parking lot is the furthest but generally provides the best value for travelers.
Rate Structure:
o Hourly Rates: There's usually no hourly rate, with pricing structured for daily use.
o Daily Maximum: The most affordable daily rate at the airport, possibly ranging from $7 to $9 per day.
o Weekly Rates: Economy parking also offers a weekly max rate, which is the most economical choice for extended trips.
Premium Parking Rates
ROC may also offer a premium parking service in certain areas, featuring covered parking or reserved spots. These options will come at a premium rate compared to other parking types.
Disabled Parking 
Location: Available in all parking lots.
Rate Structure: Usually at the same rate as the parking area in which they're located, but with the closest possible access to the terminal. Valid disability parking credentials are required to qualify for these spaces.
Additional Information for parking at the Rochester Airport
Payment Options: Rochester International Airport parking lots accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit, and debit cards.
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: There may be EV charging stations in the parking lots, available to users on a first-come, first-served basis.
Height Restrictions: Certain garages or parking areas might have height restrictions; hence, oversize vehicles should consider this when selecting a parking space

Benefits of Using for ROC Airport Parking
While on-site parking options are available, many travelers are turning to for even greater convenience and savings. Our cheap airport parking deals are negotiated with park and fly hotels near Rochester airport to provide you with the best parking deal possible. Here are some advantages of using our services:

Cost Savings negotiates discounted rates with hotels and off-site parking lots near ROC, which often translate into savings for you.
Complimentary Shuttle Service
Many of the parking lots and hotels partnered with offer free shuttle service to and from the airport, adding to the value of your parking reservation.
Flexible Booking
Travel plans can change, and understands this by offering flexible booking options. You can modify or cancel your reservation according to their policy, which is typically very accommodating.
Customer Support
In case you need assistance with your reservation, have questions, or need to make changes, provides customer service to help you with your needs.

Park and Fly hotels are a convenient option for travelers looking to combine an overnight hotel stay with parking near the airport. These deals often come with a shuttle service to the airport, making them an excellent choice for those with early flights or who want to rest after a long journey before driving home. Near Rochester International Airport (ROC), there are several hotels that offer such packages, which provide various benefits from cost savings to peace of mind. Here's an in-depth look at a few options:

Best Western at Rochester Airport
The Best Western at Rochester Airport is another hotel offering Park and Fly services. It's known for providing good value with a free shuttle to the airport and parking options for guests.
Parking: The package usually includes parking for the duration of your trip.
Shuttle: A 24-hour shuttle service to ROC ensures you get to and from the airport with ease.
Amenities: Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi during their stay.

Motel 6 Rochester Airport
The Motel 6 (ROC) is a short drive from the airport and offers Park and Go packages. This could be a good choice if you're looking for a hotel with more amenities and a park and fly option.
Parking: Parking availability varies based on the package or promotions they are currently offering. does offer the cheapest rates for airport parking, with a best price guarantee
Shuttle: Available based on the reservation details, the shuttle service is provided to ensure timely arrivals and departures.
Amenities: This hotel features a business center, indoor pool, and an on-site restaurant.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott Rochester Airport
Located right at the airport, the Fairfield Inn by Marriott offers the ultimate convenience for Park and Fly guests. It's situated within walking distance of the terminal, although shuttle service is provided. Guests can enjoy a comfortable stay before their trip and leave their car in the hotel parking lot.
Parking: Can be available for up to a specified number of days with the Park and Fly package.
Shuttle: Complimentary airport shuttle service is often included in the package.
Amenities: Enjoy free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and access to the hotel’s fitness center.

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Rochester 
The Holiday Inn near the Rochester is a short drive from the airport and offers Park, Stay, and Go packages. This could be a good choice if you're looking for a hotel with more amenities and a park and fly option.
Parking: Parking availability varies based on the package or promotions they are currently offering.
Shuttle: Available based on the reservation details, the shuttle service is provided to ensure timely arrivals and departures.
Amenities: This hotel features a business center, indoor pool, and an on-site restaurant.

Microtel Inn by Wyndham Henrietta
While not directly adjacent to the airport, Microtel Inn by Wyndham in Henrietta offers affordable accommodations with reasonable Park and Fly packages that cater to budget-conscious travelers.
Parking: Extended parking options are typically part of the package, often making this a cost-effective choice.
Shuttle: They usually provide a shuttle service to ROC though it's best to check the latest service hours and availability.
Amenities: Free continental breakfast and Wi-Fi are included, with several dining options nearby.

Staybridge Suites Rochester University
Overlooking the Genesee River, Staybridge Suites is a bit further from the airport but compensates with comfortable extended-stay accommodations and Park and Fly options.
Parking: Extended parking can be negotiated as part of their package deals.
Shuttle: They often offer a complimentary airport shuttle service, though it’s wise to confirm the timings.
Amenities: Suites come with full kitchens, and guests can enjoy a free breakfast buffet and evening socials on certain days.

Benefits of Park and Fly Packages near Rochester Airport
Convenience: Eliminates the need to rush on the day of your flight. You can arrive the night before, stay over, and depart for your flight without worrying about traffic or morning logistics.
Cost Savings: Often cheaper than parking exclusively at airport lots, especially for longer trips.
Comfort: Start your trip rested with a night in a comfortable hotel room.

Booking a Park and Fly Package at Rochester Airport
To ensure you get the best deal and package suited to your needs, consider the following tips:
Book in Advance: Park and Fly spots can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel seasons.
Check Parking Duration: Make sure the parking duration offered in the package covers your entire trip.
Understand Shuttle Frequency: Know the shuttle schedule to ensure it aligns with your flight times.
Verify Cancellation Policies: In case your travel plans change, you should know the policy for canceling or modifying your booking. All locations on are fully refundable until the start of the reservation.

Traveling from Rochester International Airport doesn't have to come with the added stress of finding affordable and convenient parking. By understanding the on-site parking options and taking advantage of the services offered by, you can start your trip with confidence and a few more dollars in your pocket. Happy travels!

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