Parking at Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ)

(4.4, 360 Reviews)
3311 Caroga Dr, Mississauga - L4V 1A3
1 km from airport

NU Hotel (YYZ)

Per Day
(3.4, 186 Reviews)
6465 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON - L4V 1E4
0.5 mi from airport
(3.4, 720 Reviews)
3356 Elmbank Road, Mississauga, ON - L4V1A6
1 mi from airport
Indoor Garage
(4.6, 59 Reviews)
135 Carlingview Dr, Toronto, ON - M9W 5E7
2.5 km from airport
(4.0, 91 Reviews)
6428 Airport Rd - L4V1E5
1 mi from airport
Valet to Terminal

Park For U (YYZ)

Per Day
(4.6, 205 Reviews)
30 Fasken Drive, Etobicoke, ON - M9W1K5
0.5 mi from airport
Open 7 AM - 10 PM
(3.4, 63 Reviews)
6585 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON - L4V1E5
1.8 km from airport

Skyway Park (YYZ)

Per Day
(4.2, 28 Reviews)
934 Dixon Rd., Toronto, ON - M9W 1J8
0.5 mi from airport
(4.4, 4 Reviews)
240 Belfield Road, Etobicoke, ON - M9W 1H3
2 mi from airport

Parking Information For Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ)

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is, the largest airport in Canada with more than 180 destinations and almost 40 million passengers a year. Needless to say, parking at the airport is not cheap.

The location of the airport within a reasonable distance from downtown Toronto makes public transport a reasonable option for some travelers. However, if you time is of the essence or if you live a bit further away from the airport, you may want to take your own car. For this, is the go-to portal: We provide the most affordable off-airport parking rates at our secure parking lots near the Toronto Airport (YYZ). It just takes minutes on our secure and reliable online reservation system to guarantee your long term parking space. 

We offer both valet and self-parking at great rates, which includes the finest customer service and fast, friendly transport from your vehicle directly to your departure terminal. We’ll be waiting to pick you up at the end of your travels and your car will be kept securely in our partner's parking lot while you’re away. 

For a small fee, you may have the option to park your car indoor or in a covered car park to shield your car from the weather - be it snow, sunshine or rain – while you’re away.

Take the anxiety out of airport parking and obtain your parking space now on our website for as many days as necessary.

Toronto YYZ Airport:

 The Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is the largest and busiest in Canada with more than 180 destinations and almost 40 million passengers a year. The YYZ airport is located 22.5 km (14.0 mi) northwest of Downtown Toronto, with the bulk of the airport located in the adjacent city of Mississauga, and a small portion extending into Etobicoke, Toronto’s western district. The Toronto Pearson International Airport is the main hub for Air Canada, and a hub for WestJet. Toronto Pearson also offers an impressive list of low cost destinations through airlines such as Frontier, SunWing, TAM, Westjet, WOW and Air Transat. It is owned by Transport Canada and operated by Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA).   

Despite being the main transport hub in the Greater Toronto Area, The Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) suffers from high airport fees and expensive airport parking. 

Parking at Toronto Pearson International Airport:

 There are several off-site and on-site airport parking facilities in and around Toronto Pearson YYZ airport. According to the airport website, YYZ offers Valet Parking for a flat rate of $25 plus a daily rate of $40. The airport’s Express Park parking lot charges $50 daily whereas the other “Value” parking lots charge anywhere between $18 and $30 a day. Most of the latter parking lots include outdoor parking spots with a free Terminal Link train ride to the terminal. In addition, you may reserve your own spot in advance online on the airport website. The only inconvenience to using the cheaper on-site long term parking at Toronto Pearson International Airport is the size of the lot, which means you may have to have to carry your luggage a short-medium distance to the Terminal Link station and wait to take the train. offers the most convenient and affordable solutions to parking at Toronto Pearson airport (YYZ). Our off-site airport parking facilities are always in close proximity to the YYZ terminals with a free, dedicated airport shuttle for your convenience. In addition, you may opt for a covered parking for your car to protect from weather conditions. If you wish to make your trip as smooth as possible, you may opt for valet parking for a small fee (as little as $1 extra per parking day). All our partners are selected for security, convenience, friendliness and affordability. 

When you book your airport parking with, you are getting the first class treatment, parking your car at a convenient, secure location with personalized shuttle service to and from your YYZ terminal doorstep, all for much less than the YYZ airport long term rate. While some of our Toronto Pearson airport parking locations are private operators, most are hotels which not only means you will deal with professional hospitality staff, but you may also opt to spend the night at the hotel especially if you have an early flight in the morning, or come back late at night.  

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