Newark Airport Long Term Parking (EWR)

422 Frelinghuysen Ave, Newark, NJ


Cancellation policy Free until Start Time
Distance from the airport 1.00 mi
Security No
Shuttle service Yes
Adapted for disabled No
Available Parking Options

Shuttle Information

Arrival Info: Approach gate, scan your reservation either on your phone or paper copy.  Gate will open.   Signs will direct you to the nearest open parking spot..  Wait at your car.  Please DO NOT walk to the front of lot. Driver will need to drive you back to you car to make sure it is parked in a legal spot.

Make sure your car is parked centered in your spot.  If you are parked in a way that prevents someone from parking in the next spot, you may be charged for 2 spots.

Customer will be given a card with directions to the pick-up areas at each terminal.  From 4am - 12 midnight, no call is necessary as the buses are constantly circling the terminals.

Pick-Up Info:

Terminal A:

    Go down to LEVEL ONE.
    Go out the doors cross onto the island.

    Go all the way to the right and stand at SIGN #18.

Terminal B:

    On LEVEL ONE walk out the doors.

    Cross to the 2nd island.

    Stand under SIGN #5.

Terminal C:

    On LEVEL ONE walk out the doors.

    Cross street onto the island.

    Go to the far left end and stand next to POLE #1.

Additional Information

Our Newark Airport parking facility is located just minutes away from EWR with a quick 2-3 minute shuttle ride directly to the terminals.

We are open 24/7 365 days a week so regardless of the time you park or return from your trip, Newark Airport Long Term Parking guarantees that our drivers will be friendly, helpful, and eager to make your travel experience more enjoyable.


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