Crowne Plaza (ORD)

5440 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL


Cancellation policy Free until Start Time
Distance from the airport 1.50 mi
Security No
Shuttle service Yes
Adapted for disabled No
Available Parking Options

Shuttle Information

Please proceed to the lobby to check in

Shuttle runs 5 AM until 9 PM, except between 1 PM and 2 PM

* No Shuttle between 1 PM  and 2 PM 

* No Shuttle After 9 PM until 5 AM 

You can park here outside of shuttle hours but will be responsible to arrange and pay for your own transportation (Uber/Lyft)

To arrange for a pick-up when at the airport, call 847-671-6350

Airlines suggest arriving at airport 2 hours preflight; be sure to arrive at parking location before this 2 hour window.

Additional Information

Hotel Shuttle Runs from 5 am till 10pm. The last pickup from the O’Hare airport is at 10pm. Shuttle leaves hotel on the top of the hour and half past the hour. Depending on weather and traffic condition, the shuttle arrives at the O’Hare airport in about 15 to 20 minutes.

The shuttle pickup location for all flights is at the Bus & Shuttle Center- from door # 2.

To get to the Bus & Shuttle Center, please go one level below the luggage claim area and follow floor and/or ceiling signs. It’s underground walk for about 5minutes.

From International Terminal please take O’Hare Airport Transit System (ATS) train and transfer to Bus & Shuttle Center- Door # 2.

Shuttle runs on schedule, twice per hour and there is no need to call hotel to schedule a pickup. The pickup time is typically at :20 minutes past the hour, unless there is a delay caused by weather and/or traffic conditions.
For more information and live shuttle tracking, please visit and enter the 5440 into the “Enter Code” field and you’ll see our shuttle location and estimated time of arrival.


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